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Kemetic Yoga Teacher Training & Certifications

Healing the Global Black Community

All of our courses are Yoga Alliance Approved

We now have several options for certification:

NEW! Online Virtual Course: $1,997 Lump Sum or $2100 with Payment Plan

Our online virtual teacher training is a self-paced course. You will be guided through six modules and two supplementary modules that include reading and video practice assignments. Once you submit all written and video assignments satisfactorily you will receive your certificate and qualify to teach Kemetic Yoga.

Healing Sun Kemetic Yoga Retreat Jamaica: Every July and Every January: $2995 (Payment Plan Available)

Receive your certification under the healing sun of Negril Jamaica. You will be able to pay for the teacher training portion of your experience, then book your lodging with Travelers Beach Resort and your airfare separately.

You can share a room with another participant or bring your family or friends to enjoy a Jamaica vacation with you during your break times or at the end of the training day.

We will meet daily from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM with two breaks. You will also be eligible to participate in any online courses or classes we offer at no extra charge in order to supplement your learning process. Zoom coaching sessions with Master Yirser Ra Hotep are also available.

Land of the Pharaohs Tour & Teacher Training in Ancient Egypt: Every November & December $4,495 (Payment Plan Available)

This experience emphasizes the history, philosophy, and spiritual science of ancient Kemet with less emphasis on physical practices. Those taking this option are encouraged to participate in online workshops and classes as they are offered and take the Virtual Course at no extra cost.

This experience Is extensive and involves travel to all of the major historical sites near Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan including the Pyramids of Giza, Sokara “Step” Pyramid of Djoser, Imhotep Museum, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Cairo Museum, Temples of Denderah & Abydos, Temple of Rameses at “Abu Simbel”, Hatshepsut Temple, Valley of the Kings and a four day Nile cruise that take you to explore temples at Kom Ombo, Temple of Heru at Edfu and the Nubian Village.

Additional Discounts when combined with the trip to Ghana

Sankofa Kemetic Yoga Teacher Training and Cultural Heritage Tour of Ghana: $3,995 (Payment Plan Available)

This experience takes you to the land of Ghana West Africa. You will learn and practice Kemetic Yoga on the land of your ancestors along with native Ghanaians also seeking certification through our African Kemetic Yoga Initiative.

You will also visit many of the historical sites in Ghana, interact with Ghanaian traditional spiritual healers, visit the rain forests, and undergo a naming ceremony and restoration with traditional chiefs. Highlights of this experience include a tour of the capital city of Accra, a visit to a crafts market, and wood carving.

Additional Discounts when combined with the trip to Egypt

**Tap here for information on our in-person training at our Chicago studio.

Each Teacher Training module consists of learning objectives, learning resources, and learning activities that help to guide your learning process. Once you register you will receive the following:

  1. Our Complete set of Training Manuals
  2. Our Master Collection of Digital Instructional Videos and Instructional Meditation Audios
  3. The Kemetic Yoga for Child and Youth Development Digital Video
  4. Access to the Kemetic YogaSkills eBook and Research Study Library
  5. Access to any live Zoom courses and past recorded courses including Kemetic Yoga for Racial Trauma, Alchemy of Kemetic Yoga, Kemetic Yoga for the Black Child and Youth Development & Stress Management for Health and Wellness
  6. Links to YouTube Video Resources


Learning Objective: Understanding the history and philosophy of Kemetic Yoga

Learning Objective: Understanding, Performing, and Teaching Initial Breathing Techniques

Learning Objective: Internalizing the Core Practices of YogaSkills Method

MODULE FOUR: Kemetic Yoga Practices
Learning Objective: To learn the practice and teaching of the Core Kemetic Yoga Practices

Learning Objective: Understanding the Physiological, Anatomical, Bio-Chemical and Energetic Aspects of Kemetic Yoga

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